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15 Best Bikinis for Less than $20 Each

I’ll be the first to admit my bikini collection is a little out of hand. There are just so many cute options it’s hard to just have a few. And every summer I inevitably come across a good deal and have to buy another, or three.  Some of my favorite bikinis for less than $20 are […]

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10 Cheap Graduation Dresses That Look Gorgeous

Imagine your graduation day. You’ll excitedly walk across the stage, receive your diploma, shake the hand of a university dean or president, and then have your picture taken dozens of times.  To help you look absolutely stunning on your graduation day we’ve compiled a list of our favorite cheap graduation dresses. Avoid wasting time sifting through row after […]

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21 Best Graduation Dresses You’ll Look Stunning Wearing

Everyone wants to look great on their graduation day. It’s one of those life events that will be photographed by everyone you know.  Putting together the right outfit starts with a stunning graduation dress. Then you can find cute graduation shoes, jewelry, and figure out your hair and makeup. It can all feel a little overwhelming. To […]

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23 Classy Graduation Shoes to Stride Across the Stage In

Your graduation shoes play a crucial role in avoiding that ever embarrassing moment of tripping on stage. To help you in your search for the perfect grad shoe I picked out a few of my faves.As you try to decide what shoes you wear to graduation I recommend looking for something practical but stylish. Stick […]

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10 Beautiful Blue Graduation Dresses

Get inspired as you search for that perfect blue graduation dress. After spending several years fighting your way through school commencement is your opportunity to hit pause and celebrate this wonderful achievement. To help you celebrate that great day we’ve dug up some of our favorite blue dresses that are perfect for a grad ceremony. While they’ll be […]

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The 22 Best College Graduation Gifts

Searching for the best college graduation gifts isn’t always easy. Graduates come in a wide array of personality types with varied interests.

The following items, all available on Amazon, may contain the perfect way for you to congratulate your new graduate. Whether it’s reading, music, coffee or traveling, the ideal gift is just waiting to be placed in your new grads hands.

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10 Long White Graduation Dresses You’ll Love

Take their breath away at your commencement ceremony with one of these long white graduation dresses.  If you’re at a school that requires white for your ceremony, these graduation dresses are perfect.Long White Maxi DressesYou’ll look stunning in those graduation photos wearing one of these flowing white maxi dresses. Heaven and Earth White Maxi DressAveline White […]

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10 Best Graduation Gifts for Girlfriends

This article will guide you to the best graduation gifts for girlfriends everywhere. We’ve all been there. Her graduation ceremony keeps getting closer and you’re still not sure what to get her. College graduation has the potential to be a challenging time in any relationship. It’s one of those milestones that’s often followed by a […]

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5 Awesome Experience Gifts for Graduation

 If you’re interested in giving your grad a truly unique graduation gift consider giving them an experience gift for graduation. This is a gift they will truly remember and can be a fun way to celebrate their graduation.Experiential College Graduation GiftsExperiential gifts can vary widely in cost, especially if you want to send them on an […]

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