10 Red Graduation Dresses You’ll Look Gorgeous Wearing

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Make a splash at your commencement ceremony with one of these dazziling red graduation dresses.

If you’re one of the lucky one’s who doesn’t have a strict dress code, like those that require all white graduation dresses, why not stand out at your ceremony with a stunning red dress.

In this post I’ve selected some of my favorite red dresses. While you will be wearing your graduation gown on top of these dresses during the actual ceremony, once it’s over and you’ve snapped all your cap and gown pictures, you’ll want to take the gown off and get more friends and family pictures in something a bit more flattering.

Red Bodycon Dresses for Grad Ceremony

Bodycon style dresses were one of the styles I saw the most at my graduation and for good reason. They look fantastic and they work really well underneath those graduation robes.

Graduation robes are already rather poofy so wearing a bodycon dress helps by not adding to that poof as some other dresses will. These were four of my favorite red bodycon dresses I could find that would look great at graduation.

Red Midi Graduation Dresses

A red midi length dress is arguably the perfect length for a graduation since it’s about the same length as most robes. You’ll love the clean lines and simple look of a midi dress in your graduation photos.

Midi’s are definitely one of the most popular and therefore easy to find dress lengths. It’s also a good option for colder weather if you’re graduating in the winter.

Long Red Dresses for Graduation

If you’re a fan of long red dresses, or you’re graduating in the winter and need something a little “warmer,” then you’ll love these. I love the flirty look of slits on long dresses. And they look particularly great when paired with matching shoes.

Red Lace Grad Dresses

If you’re looking for an elegant red dress for graduation I definitely recommend going with lace. Seriously, I love the way lace dresses look. Even the most simple cut dresses can be transformed into something stunning with lace.

With one of these cute lace dresses you’ll absolutely wow everyone the second you dump that giant graduation robe after the ceremony (and the obligatory pictures in the robe of course).

Red Skater Dresses for Convocation

I know I put these last on the list but I love skater dresses. They’re incredibly comfortable and usually a good length for spring weather. They also work well underneath graduation robes. Plus these can look incredibly flatering in your graduation pictures.

Looking for more graduation dress ideas? Check out these long white graduation dresses.





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