21 Best Graduation Dresses You’ll Look Stunning Wearing

By Emily •  Updated: 04/16/19 •  3 min read

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Everyone wants to look great on their graduation day. It’s one of those life events that will be photographed by everyone you know.

Putting together the right outfit starts with a stunning graduation dress. Then you can find cute graduation shoes, jewelry, and figure out your hair and makeup.

It can all feel a little overwhelming. To help you narrow down those dress choices check out some of all time favorites below.

Maxi Dresses

If you want something flowy and comfortable a maxi dress is the way to go. Just remember your graduation down won’t completely cover it so you may want to avoid that bright red dress if your robes are black or dark blue.

Pink Graduation DressForever and Always Blush Pink Lace Maxi DressMagenta Maxi grad dressStrappy to be Here Magenta Maxi Dressnavy Blue graduation maxi dressLost in Paradise Navy Blue Maxi DressBright Red Graduation DressAir of Romance Red Maxi Dress

Looking for other colors? Check out some of our favorite red graduation dresses and blue graduation dresses!

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Midi Graduation Dresses

Honestly, I think the midi length is absolutely perfect for a graduation dress. It will usually fall just above the gown so you won’t see it as you walk across the stage. They’re comfortable, look great on anyone, and the styles are plentiful.

Ivory graduation dressKiyonna Womens Plus Size Wedding Belle Dress IvoryBlue lace bodycon midi dress for commencementLimo Ride Cobalt Blue Lace Bodycon Midi DressBlack lace midi dress for graduationSweetness Black and Nude Lace Midi DressPlum Midi Dress for CommencementKiyonna Womens Plus Size Bianca Ruched Dress PlumSimple black midi graduation dressTake Me Out Tonight Black Midi DressBurgundy Bodycon midi graduation dressDarren Burgundy Strappy Bodycon Midi Dress

Skater Dresses

Like a midi, the skater dress is a fantastic length.

Yellow lace midi skater dressLove Swept Yellow Lace Midi Skater DressDenim off-shoulder skater dress for graduationSeason of Fun Denim Blue Off-the-Shoulder Skater DressBlush Skater DressDarling Delight Blush Skater DressBlack lace skater dress for graduationAll My Daydreams Black Lace Skater Dress50% OFF Vacation Style

Bodycon Commencement Dresses

Graduation robes definitely aren’t the most attractive outfit ever invented. So I often recommend wearing a bodycon dress underneath them so as not to add to the poof that a grad robe already gives you. Plus, bodycon dresses will look great in pictures once you ditch the rob.

Navy bodycon dressKiyonna Womens Plus Size Rumor Ruched Dress In the NavyLight blue bodycon lace grad dressSway Away Light Blue Crochet Lace DressSimple black long sleeve bodycon graduation dressHaute in Here Black Long Sleeve Bodycon DressRuched Graduation DressKiyonna Womens Plus Size Riveting Ruched Dress-Sale! GarnetWhite Lace Bodycon dressWishful Wanderings White Lace Bodycon Midi DressRed cutout graduation dressTGIF Red Cutout Bodycon DressWhite long sleeve bodycon dressShe Knows White Lace Bodycon DressRoyal Blue Graduation DressLondyn Royal Blue Lace Bodycon Dress

Still searching for just the right dress? Check out some of our favorite long white graduation dresses and cheap graduation dresses.

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