Graduation gifts for girlfriends

10 Best Graduation Gifts for Girlfriends

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This article will guide you to the best graduation gifts for girlfriends everywhere.

We’ve all been there. Her graduation ceremony keeps getting closer and you’re still not sure what to get her.

College graduation has the potential to be a challenging time in any relationship. It’s one of those milestones that’s often followed by a move to a new city, state, or even country.

And the obvious question that follows from those moves is, “Should we stay together?”

So, going big on college graduation gifts is a good idea if you truly want to show her your love and commitment.

What Kind of Graduation Gift Should You Get Her?

I think most gift giving breaks down into two categories; the “store bought” and the “handmade.”

Store-bought gifts are those where you purchase a finished item, wrap it up, and give it to her. These don’t necessarily have to be material objects, buying her a flight lesson or weekend spa getaway also fall under this category. Buying a gift from the store isn’t a bad thing, though I think we sometimes view it as such.

Handmade gifts are those that you’ve, well, made. This can be as simple as a graduation lei or a road trip you’ve meticulously planned. Handmade gifts usually take more time to put together but they also help to convey how much you love her.

I’ve broken the list below into those two categories. Regardless of which route you choose, hopefully, you’ll find something she’ll love.

Handmade Graduation Gifts for Girlfriend

1. 100 Reasons Why I Love You

I used this exact gift on my then fiance, now wife. To create this gift you’ll just need some paper or notecards and a pen (or you can type them and print them on fancy paper). Number the cards 1 through 100 and on each one write down something you love about her. It’s that simple. Then put them all in a decorative container (a box or jar works well) and give them to her.

Make sure you give yourself enough time. Writing out 100 things you love about her can take some time. Get as general or specific as you’d like and I definitely suggest including a story or two in there to make them extra special.

2. Home Decor

If she’ll be moving into her own place, or you’ll be moving in together, you can make a piece of home decor to make that new apartment feel like home. It’s ok if you aren’t the most crafty, YouTube and Michaels or Home Depot are your friends. Here are a few of my top picks:

3. Spa in a Jar

If you’re short on time but still want to make something this is an excellent option. With a quick trip to Target, you’ll have everything you need. The idea is rather simple, pack the basics she’ll need to pamper herself, in a mason jar. You can check out a full tutorial and supply list at Classy Clutter.

4. String Art

So this should probably go under point number 2 above but I think it deserves its own spot on the list. State string art pieces are the perfect gift if she’ll be moving across the country. The only tool you really need is a hammer and some patience. See a full tutorial on the DIY Projects website.

5. Photo Book

I’ve also create these as homemade gifts for my wife, mom, and dad. They’ve always been a hit. Dig through your phone or Instagram and find 20-30 pictures of the two of you and go to Shutterfly or Snapfish and put them into a photo book.

They’re rather inexpensive and you end up with a stunning reminder of the good times you’ve had together. Many of the templates also give you space to write your own messages on pages so be sure to utilize that space to convey your love.

Best Store-Bought Graduation Gifts for Her

With store-bought gifts, I often default to practical items. Things you know she’ll use as she heads off to a new job or a new place. Of course, there are obvious gifts you can buy that are very sentimental.

6. Book of the Month Club

If she is an avid reader I definitely recommend the Book of the Month club. It’s a subscription that sends her 5 new books each month (don’t worry, she can roll over monthly credits if she falls behind on her reading). Each month she gets to pick 5 of the available books that month and they’ll ship them out.

Of course, if she’ll be commuting by car regularly, you could also go with an audible gift card.

7. Spa Day or Massage Gift Card

As much as she may appreciate a massage from you, sometimes you need a pro to really work out those knots. Send her away for a day at the spa or few sessions with a masseuse for a post-graduation treat.

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8.A Gorgeous Watch

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Bestseller No. 3
MVMT Women's Analog Chronograph Watch | Orion
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  • Called "Orion," this women's chronograph watch is designed with a brushed titanium steel case that holds a titanium dial with rose gold hands and markers

In the age of the smartwatch, it may seem like no one wears watches anymore but that’s simply not true. Watches are essentially functional jewelry, and there are so many stunning options to choose from. Mvmt is one of my favorites with their clean lines and refined finish. Plus they’re not insanely priced.

Of course, if she’s dying for an Apple watch you could also get her one of those.

9. Home Decor Shopping Spree

If she’s moving into a new place she’ll probably want to add some decor to make it her own. You can help her get started by taking her on a shopping spree. Just grab your wallet and take her on a surprise trip to her favorite home decor store. Of course, you should probably let her know what the budget is, or give her a gift card with a defined amount.

10. Gym Gear

If she enjoys working out, or wants to start now that school chaos is done, getting her some new gear is a great graduation gift. A new gym bag is always a great idea. Plus there’s shoes, yoga apparel if she’s into that, workout books, or even a ClassPass if that’s in your budget. Here are three of my top fitness book recommendations:

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