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10 Best Books for High School Graduates

The teacher conferences and the lunch-making are now over.

But now comes the worrying, and the impulse to call your child every 10 minutes. It’s hard to decide what final advice to give children before they leave.

These books for high school grads make for great parting knowledge to pass on before they go off on their own. 

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life

Simplify your search for the perfect gift for the man in your life with our handy little guide. This isn’t some inane slideshow of random junk you’ll find on other “popular” gift guides. This is the stuff your man might actually enjoy unwrapping. This gift guide is constantly being updated to include the latest and greatest […]

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Halloween Crafts: DIY 2×4 Giant Pumpkin

Every year at Halloween my wife gives me a hard time because, despite the fact that I’m not a huge Halloween fan, it’s consistently the only holiday that I do any decorating without her. It started the first year of our marriage when I hung paper bats all over our walls and its grown every […]

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Halloween Decor: Paper Bat Craft

Shortly after getting married and moving into our first apartment together, my wife and I decided to decorate for Halloween. Our budget was slim so we made a few simple crafts to decorate with. Every year since then we’ve found a place for these simple paper bats. Taking just a few minutes and a handful […]

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