How to Renovate Your Laundry Room in a Weekend

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As soon as we closed on our first home, we bought a bucket of paint and painted our new laundry room.

It was a quick weekend renovation before we moved in.

The previous owner for whatever reason had decided to paint this little room mud brown.

I mean muddy, swampy, cruddy brown.

It was horrible.

They also had those open wire racks along the walls and then put linoleum squares on top of the shelves so nothing would fall through the cracks.

It was really an all around bad room.

Laundry Room Model Before

As you can see, not a great color for such a small room.

Prepping the Laundry Room

The first thing we did was disassemble those wire shelves. We didn’t have a use for them in any other room and most of them were covered in sticky glue from the laminate tiles they had laid on top.

So someone came by and picked them up to use themselves or to recycle.

Then I washed all the walls and filled all of the holes left in the well.

If I could rewind the clock I also would have removed the popcorn ceiling but that would have added another day of work and we just didn’t have time.

Selecting Colors

Now this was the very first time my wife or I picked out the colors to paint any room in our lives. So while our color selection was certainly better than that brown, it could have been better looking back now.

We both have a preference for blue and many of the rooms in our home have some element of blue to them.

But for this room we went with a light green/blue from Sherwin Williams (can’t remember the name and the paint can is gone).

Painted Laundry Room

As you can see, it wasn’t bad but it definitely didn’t look great under the yellow light.

Installing Storage Cabinet and Shelves

Next, we bought one of these prebuilt cabinets from Home Depot.

They’re rather affordable and it was easy to install. This was my first experience installing a cabinet so I watched a ton of YouTube videos and read through articles to figure out how to do it.

(This is also when I really got to start my tool collection)!

Then, I built a couple of shelves to go to the right of the cabinet.

DIY Shelves for Laundry Room

These were also the first shelves I’ve ever built in my life and I must say, I’m really happy with the way they turned out.

Again, I read lots of blog posts to help me learn how to build and install them.

Installing Laundry Room Shelves

I stained them Pecan and hung them up a few days later and our laundry room remodel was complete.

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Weekend Laundry Room Remodel

This room has held up really well over the past 3 years and many DIY projects later I’m still happy with the way the room turned out.






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