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The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Man in Your Life

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Find that perfect gift for the man in your life with this simple gift guide

Simplify your search for the perfect gift for the man in your life with our handy little guide. This isn’t some inane slideshow of random junk you’ll find on other “popular” gift guides. This is the stuff your man might actually enjoy unwrapping.

This gift guide is constantly being updated to include the latest and greatest gifts for men. You can start from the top and scroll all the way down or use the table of contents below to help you shop based on your man’s interests.

As you go through this gift guide you'll notice some items highlighted in green. The item highlighted in green is my number one pick for the category.

Gifts for the Handyman

Whether he’s just building out his first workshop or he’s a full blown professional, there’s always one more tool he needs. While I'll include a few tool recommendations, it’s always best to find out what he wants to add to the workshop next.

Most craftsmen have a long list of tools they’d like to see on their shelves. There are however staples that every handyman needs and wants more of, so I’ve included some of those too.

Gifts for the Artist

From paints to tablets there are so many incredible ways to create art in this day and age. No matter what your mans preferred medium is, I’ve found a gift for him. As an artist myself, I always enjoy exploring new tools to improve my art and express myself. The gifts below will help your man do just that.

Creative Bug

Gifts for the Musician

When you have two brothers who are talented musicians you get used to searching for just the right musical gifts. Whether they are jamming out on the guitar or playing soothing tunes on the piano, there’s always something more than want to play. I’ve quizzed my brothers for what gifts they’d love to receive and compiled some of their top choices here.

Gifts for the Chef and Grill Master

If your man is anything like my dad he loves to spend time at the grill. From cooking the perfect steak to trying out some new veggies, he’s always experimenting with something new. Even if your man isn’t necessarily a grill lover, I’ve found some fantastic gifts for any chef.

Perfect Gifts for the Geek

As a bit of a geek myself, I can tell you right now, there’s a laundry list of things that I’d love to get. And admittedly, almost none of them serve any functional purpose other than showing off the geeky things I love.

If the man in your life is a geek, and you struggle to find the perfect gifts for him, you may want to just head over to Think Geek right now and start browsing (You can browse by interest which is awesome). As you’ll see, many of my recommendations come from there because they easily have the best collection of geeky stuff out there.

Top Gifts for the Star Wars Fan

Top Gifts for the Game of Thrones Fan

Top Gifts for the Marvel Fan

Perfect Gifts for the Tech Lover

One of my brothers falls into this category. Shopping for him feels nearly impossible because he can be so particular with what he wants. Also, stuff in this category can get real pricey, real fast.

However, I’ve still always managed to find tech things that surprise him or catch him off guard. I’ve found that nostalgic gifts in particular always go over really well.

Perfect Gifts for the Outdoorsman

I feel like this category is so massive the ideas could go on for days. From hiking to fishing to camping to hunting to rock climbing. The list goes on and on. There are so many awesome outdoor activities one can get into.

Fortunately, there are some tools and supplies that are needed in practically every field. If you’re looking for a good one stop shop, Backcountry is a fantastic option (And their customer service is phenomenal). If your shopping for a hunter or someone into the shooting sports, Cheaper Than Dirt is good place to shop (And you can save $15 on your first order with this link).

Gifts for the Sports Loving Man

Arguably the best gift I ever gave my dad was a custom Yankees bat. He loved that thing and showed it off to everyone. It hung in his office for years and he’d often stand around swinging it while on long conference calls.

If sports are what your man is into you have so many epic options. Seriously, there are so many great gifts out there it’s hard to narrow it down. The list of gifts I’ll highlight below however, should get you started.

Gifts for the Athlete

If your man would rather be playing the sports then watching them these are the gifts for him. From gearing up for an ultra marathon to playing some company softball, I’ve searched the web for some of the all time top gifts any athlete would love to get.

Gifts for the Car Enthusiast

I don’t know if enthusiast is a strong enough word for the car lovers I have in my family. Even calling it a way of life doesn’t seem quite there. It’s like cars go to the core of their very being. They hear a car go by and can tell you what kind of engine they’re running.

Their garage is filled with parts to cars they don’t even own but will “one day.” Autotrader and Ebay Motors are their top visited websites. When they aren’t at work they’re in the garage “fixing” something that “just isn’t running right.” If this is the kind of person you’re shopping for, these gifts should get a smile out of them. 

Hopefully that giant list of gift ideas gave you some ideas as you're shopping for the man in your life. Is there a particular interest you want to see added to the list? Let me know in the comments below and I'll work on adding it.

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