12 Cheap Graduation Dresses That Look Gorgeous

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Get inspired as you search for that perfect cheap graduation dress.

After spending several years fighting your way through school, commencement is your opportunity to hit pause and celebrate this wonderful achievement.

To help you celebrate that great day we’ve dug up some of our favorite cheap dresses that are perfect for a grad ceremony.

While they’ll be covered up for a little while under your gown, once the ceremony is done and the obligatory, gown pics are finished you can shed it and look stunning in one of these dresses.

Maxi Grad Dresses

Searching for the perfect color? Check out some of our favorite red graduation dresses & blue graduation dresses!

Cheap Midi Graduation Dresses

A cheap midi length dress is perfect for a graduation since it’s about the same length as most robes. You’ll love the clean lines and simple look of a midi dress in your graduation photos.

Cheap Skater Dresses for Graduation

If you’re looking for a skater style dress for your grad ceremony these are a great option. This length pairs well with most robes because you won’t see the dress while wearing the robe but when you take it off after the ceremony you’ve got a cute dress on underneath for all those pictures.

Cheap Bodycon Commencement Dresses

If you prefer a bodycon style dress here are a few of my favorite options all falling under $30. This are fun cheap options that will look fantastic on your graduation day.

Still searching for just the right cheap graduation dress? Check out some of our favorite long white graduation dresses or this article on the best graduation dresses.





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