May 11


10 Cheap Graduation Dresses That Look Gorgeous

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Imagine your graduation day.

You'll excitedly walk across the stage, receive your diploma, shake the hand of a university dean or president, and then have your picture taken dozens of times. 

To help you look absolutely stunning on your graduation day we've compiled a list of our favorite cheap graduation dresses.

Avoid wasting time sifting through row after row of mediocre dresses. You'll find only the best graduation dresses below that will make you look amazing without breaking the bank.

This is hands down my top pick for cheap graduation dresses. The cut is stunning and I love the lace across the top.

You'll love the way you look in this incredible dress.

Here's another of my top picks for cheap graduation dresses. The dress is beautiful and I love the halter cut.

Searching for the perfect color? Check out some of our favorite red graduation dresses & blue graduation dresses!

Midi Graduation Dresses

A midi length dress is perfect for a graduation since it's about the same length as most robes. You'll love the clean lines and simple look of a midi dress in your graduation photos. 

Nothing screams graduation more than a black and white dress. And this one is perfect.

Imagine how you'll look in all those fun graduation photos in this stunning dress. While it is one of the pricier one's on our list, it's definitely worth it.

I've always loved red dresses. This bold, flowy dress will look gorgeous on your graduation day.

At less than $20 this fitted two tone dress is a deal. I love the long length and with a pair of nice heals you'll look stunning.

Skater Dresses

Love this gorgeous deep green open back skater dress. The lovely lace on the back and the simple front make for a classy graduation dress. And at less then $20 this dress is a steal.

Break from the common navy blue with this beautiful bold blue skater dress. 

Bodycon Dresses

This black sleeveless dress is the perfect graduation dress. Its clean lines and lace panel give this dress elegant look. You'll look stunning in all of those graduation photos.

If you're looking for a simple, classy graduation dress this is the one for you. 

You'll look stunning in this lovely lace slip dress.

This optical illusion dress is absolutely amazing. The chevron pattern and colors are slimming and the fabric has some stretch to it to fit you perfectly.

Still searching for just the right dress? Check out some of our favorite long white graduation dresses.

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