Halloween Treats: Witches Broom Snacks

By Emily •  Updated: 02/02/23 •  2 min read

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These quick ad easy witches broom snacks are a cute and festive Halloween party finger food. They also make for a great afternoon snack for your little ones. They only take 3 ingredients and a few minutes to throw together.

Yummy Witches Broom Halloween Treats are easy to make.

If you’re throwing a Halloween party add some tasty dip along with these witches brooms and you have one tasty snack.

Ingredients for Witches Brooms

Ingredients to make witches brooms.

Steps to Make Witches Broom Treats

Step 1

Cut your string cheese in half. Then using a knife, cut the bristles into the cheese. Do this by cutting about three quarters of the way up the cheese. For a more grungy broom look you can peel the string cheese instead.

Cut the string cheese to make your witches brooms.

Step 2

Insert the pretzel rods into the tops of the string cheese. I found that it looked more proportionate when they weren’t in too far. A longer handle looks better.

Insert pretzels in string cheese.

Step 3

Making the ties around the broom is the trickiest part of this snack. Cut the scallion from top to bottom into a long skinny string. You can get about two ties out of one piece. Then tie around the string cheese and make a little knot, cut any extra long pieces.

Some of them you can do a double knot, and some will break when pulling it tight. Might take a few tries, but than you have some cute snacks to serve to all your witches and ghouls.

Finished Witches Brooms Halloween Treats

That’s it, now you have a delicious Halloween treat!