Halloween Treats: Spider Cookies

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These Spider Cookies are a fun and easy treat to put together for your next Halloween party. If you have kids in the house this can be a great treat to make with them. The process is really quite simple and only requires a few ingredients. Just swing by the store and get started.

Ingredients for Spider Cookies

  • Oreos (or Oreo like cookies)
  • Pretzel rods
  • M&M’s
  • Icing or frosting
Ingredients to make halloween spider cookies

How to Make Spider Cookies

Step 1

Break the pretzel rods to desired spider leg length. I broke mine in half which made for a good length. Carefully insert the legs, leaving enough room for the rest of the pretzels to all fit in the cream. Double stuff Oreos work best since they have all that extra filling. Plus, I mean, double stuff Oreos are delicious.

Make legs on spider cookies

Step 2: Putting on the spider eyes

Choose which M&M colors you’d like for your eyes. A smidge of frosting or icing can be used on each M&M so it sticks to the cookie. Remember to place the “m” facing down.

Finished Halloween spider cookies

And that’s it, you’ve finished your Halloween spider cookies.

Delicious Halloween Spider Cookie Treats






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