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31+ Fresh White Shoes for Graduation

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In order to help you put together the perfect outfit for your graduation, I’ve selected my favorite white shoes for graduation.

Graduation can be stressful — especially when you think of what the future holds. So hopefully this quick list can help inspire you as you pick out your white shoes.

I’ve already created a guide on what to wear for your graduation, and also shared some of our favorite graduation dresses. This time, we’ll be talking about women’s graduation shoes.

While there are so many styles out there, maybe you’re wondering what kind of shoes go well with the cap and gown. That’s why we’re here to help you find the perfect white shoes for graduation.

White Heels for Graduation

White heels are definitely a must have in any closet so you might already have a pair (or two) ready to go. But if not, these options are great ones. 

From classic pumps to heeled sandals, I’ve tried to select only the best options I could find for you to wear on graduation day.

White Flats

Flats are another fantastic option for graduation day. There are tons of cute options and you don't have to worry about rolling an ankle or sinking into the grass.

I'm a big fan of lace and patterned flats over the more classic ballet flat look but I've selected a few different styles. So if you're considering wearing a white flat to graduation hopefully one of these works for you.

White Wedges for Graduation

Another classic choice for graduation — wedges. It has been a staple for commencement for many years now. If your graduation ceremony is going to take place outdoors, wedges are perfect for you. 

Walking and standing up straight (which you do a lot of on grad day) is much easier to do in wedges rather than in high heels.

This is why wedges are a solid option to wear as your white shoes for graduation.

White Sandals for Graduation

Cute, strappy sandals to graduation — why not? If your graduation is at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, then this is the perfect time to bust these out..

Not only are they easy on the feet, but they’re a big trend right now. So you’ll have a lot of options from many of your favorite brands and designers.

Here are some of my favorite white sandals for your graduation.

White Boots

If you don’t feel like wearing heels or sandals for your graduation, boots might be the perfect choice for you, especially if you’re graduating in winter.

While white boots may not be nearly as common as brown or beige I think they are a great statement shoe.

Show off your style on your graduation day with these white boots.

White Sneakers

Let’s be real, graduation ceremonies tend to be kind of long and boring, right? Yes, it’s an exciting and momentous occasion, but it can also be long to endure.

If you feel most confident and comfortable with wearing sneakers, go for it. 

Here are some white sneakers I’ve picked for you.

Hopefully this list helped you find just the right blue shoes for graduation, or at least helped you narrow down your options and what you're looking for in a shoe for the ceremony.

Looking for more shoe ideas? Check out these lovely blue shoes for graduation.

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