31+ Trendy Blue Shoes for Graduation

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Looking for just the right pop of color to stand out in the sea of black graduation gowns? A pair of blue shoes for graduation is exactly what you need.

But finding that perfect pair of graduation shoes is no small task. With so many options how can you possibly narrow it down.

From bright blue heels to more subdued flats there’s just so much to choose from. To hopefully help you out I’ve combed through some of my go to websites and selected a few of my favorites to show here. 

But obviously you don’t just want to know what I like because, well, my style may not match yours. So I’ve asked a few friends to share their top picks too.

I’ve tried to capture a little bit of everything from blue heels to wedges to flats and sandals. I’m sure you’ll find some cute red shoes to wear to your graduation ceremony.

Blue Heels for Graduation

If you could see my closet you’d realize how obsessed I am with heels. I’m wearing them constantly. But, consider wearing blue heels to graduation carefully.

If your ceremony is anything like mine you’ll end up spending a lot of time on your feet throughout the day. Personally, If you decide to go the heels route I’d recommend bringing some extra flats in your purse just in case.

Here’s a few of my favorite blue heels I found for graduation.

Bold Blue Flats for Graduation

Like I said, you’ll probably be doing a lot of standing at your graduation ceremony, so wearing flats may be a great option. But I definitely recommend find flats that have at least something of a cushion to them and aren’t basically just walking around barefoot because that’s also incredibly uncomfortable.

Here’s my top picks for blue graduation flats.

Blue Wedges

Admittedly I’m not a huge wedge person so I leaned on some friends for their favorites here. Have some other suggestions for blue wedges for graduation? Drop a link in the comments section below.

And looking for a blue dress to pair with your bright red shoes? Check out our favorite blue graduation dresses

Blue Sandals

If sandals are more your thing then these picks are for you for blue graduation shoes. From the ultra strappy to the basic I’ve tried to gather a nice collection of sandals that suit every taste.

Blue Boots for Commencement

Graduating in winter? Then you definitely shouldn’t go with any of those sandals above. Stay warm in a nice pair of bright blue boots and really stand out when you cross the stage.





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