The Best College Cookbooks Every Student Needs

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If you’re a college student living away from home, then you probably have a hectic daily routine. Aside from doing numerous assignments and attending endless lectures, most college students are also working part-time jobs.

That is why it’s easy to understand why most students prefer to eat junk food or a quick meal in the dining hall.

Homemade and healthy meals are a luxury that most college students can not afford because of their tight schedule.

Keeping these struggles in mind, we’ve made a list of some of the best college cookbooks that have economical and easy to prepare recipes.

Be sure to add these to your college dorm packing list.

Dormet: Healthy Recipes for the College Cook

McKenzie L. Amaral was a student at Texas Christian University and all these recipes that she has created come from her own time in the college.

These recipes are simple and you don’t have to be a skilled chef to prepare them.

Easy to Prepare Nutritious Meals

All the recipes included in this book are made from nutritious ingredients that are easy to obtain as well as economical. You don’t have to go through elaborate preparations to make these meals as these recipes are simple and quick.

Variations in Recipes

The author of this cookbook has made sure that she includes a variety of recipes in her book befitting not only for breakfast and lunch, but also for dinner and other quick meals in between like brunch.

Dormet: Healthy recipes for the college cook
  • Amaral, McKenzie L. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook: Easy, Healthy Recipes for the Next Four Years & Beyond

The name of this particular cookbook is pretty self-explanatory. In this book, Pamela Ellgen teaches you how to make delicious food in your dorm using only 5 ingredients.

These 100 recipes are simple, affordable and easy to cook which makes this book one of the best college cookbooks.

Variations in Preparation Methods

Pamela Ellgen, has included more than one way to prepare a dish in some recipes. These variations give you the freedom to choose the most convenient method of preparation for yourself.

Furthermore, the guidelines and illustrations help you understand the recipe in no time.

Nutrition Information

Aside from making these recipes simple and easy, Pamela has also included the basic nutritional information of the ingredients used in these recipes.

As we’ve mentioned before, college lifestyle is not particularly healthy. That is why Pamela has made sure to include as much nutrition information as possible, using just 5 ingredients.

Meal in a Mug: 80 Fast, Easy Recipes for Hungry People―All You Need Is a Mug and a Microwave

Denise Smart is an experienced author who has released not one but two cookbooks for children. All these recipes have a step-by-step preparation guideline for children.

This newly penned book by Denise is no exception. She has made sure that all the recipes included in this cookbook are easy to comprehend and implement.

Minimal Effort Preparation

This particular cookbook is easily one of the best college cookbooks as it doesn’t require you to go the extra mile to prepare healthy meals.

You just need a mug, a spoon and other easily attained ingredients.

Ultimate Dining Hall Hacks: Create Extraordinary Dishes from the Ordinary Ingredients in Your College Meal Plan

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Priyanka graduated from Dartmouth College.

During her time in college, Priyanka became an expert in putting together delicious meals from the simple ingredients she could salvage from the college dining hall.

This cookbook perfectly depicts what it’s like to incorporate creativity and passion in everything you do.

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Create Something Extraordinary from Ordinary Ingredients

Priya Krishna has designed 75 innovative dishes that can rival against dishes from any fine restaurant.

You can create extraordinary meals from simple everyday ingredients if you follow Priyanka’s instructions carefully.

Recipes Every College Student Should Know (Stuff You Should Know)

Christine Nelson is a mother of four college-going sons and has guided her sons through dormitory life without compromising on their health.

She has written many cookbooks and felt the need to write the best cookbook with the aim to help more people like her sons.

An Exceptional Cooking Pocket Guide for College Students

The recipes in this cookbook are easy to carry out. The cookbook has more than just food recipes in it.

You can find additional nutritional information and cooking guidelines to help you understand your meals and live a healthier life.

A person sooner or later becomes what they eat in more ways than you can imagine. That is why knowing the nutritional value of your meals is of the utmost importance.

Small But Productive

Recipes Every College Student Should Know (Stuff you should Know) by Christine Nelson is one of the smallest cookbooks that you can find.

It is important to know that its small size doesn’t affect its usefulness a bit as it has everything a student needs to know about food to survive in a dormitory.

It includes several types of recipes ranging from simple mug recipes to unique and healthy food recipe.

These recipes are the likes of hummus and veggie wraps and avocado and sunflower seed sandwiches.


A college student living in a dorm or apartment has many things to worry about apart from just eating healthy. A recent survey has shown that most college students eat ready-made junk food instead of cooking something for themselves.

The above-mentioned cookbooks are some of the best cookbooks for college students you can find for yourself or for anyone who is moving in dorms.

These cookbooks offer several varieties in recipes that are as complex as a gourmet meal and as simple as frying an egg. These meals are nutritionally rich as well as exceptionally delicious. 

Each of these cookbooks have something to offer to almost everyone despite their cooking skills!

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