10 Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

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10 cute valentines day gifts for your boyfriend

Valentine’s Day used to be a guessing game in my relationship. Up until our two-year anniversary, my mind would still go blank when it came to buying gifts for my boyfriend. So I would shop around for a really nice watch or some other pricey item to try and express how much I cared about him. But, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized it isn’t really about how much you spend.

He’d rather get some inexpensive, practical item that I put some thought into, or even a handmade gift. After all, Valentine’s Day (and really any gift-giving holiday) isn’t about the price, but the thought that goes into it. So, I started choosing more affordable and practical gifts. Stuff he would both appreciate and enjoy. Here are some useful gifts that won’t break the bank on Valentine’s Day.

Practical Valentines Day Gifts

iPhone Leather Folio Wallet Case

This gift is perfect for the man that hates carrying around that bulky wallet. It doubles as a phone case and a wallet, with good-sized slots for multiple cards and cash. It evens works as a phone stand! It comes in many different colors and designs, so there are plenty of options to choose from. My boyfriend switched over to one of these and absolutely loves it.


Beard Comb

As someone with a bearded boyfriend, this gift is one on my list to give him. A beard comb is an excellent way to groom a beard or mustache on the go. It even comes with a sleek leather carrying pouch that easily fits in a pocket. It’s perfect for travelling, too…maybe on a Valentine’s Day getaway?


Leather Slippers

My favorite season is winter for the cold days and cozy nights. I think these are perfect for winter days because they’re comfortable, without looking too lazy. This pair of leather, fur lined slippers definitely say, “I care,” more than a giving a gift card does.


Personalized Valentines Day Gifts

Engraved Pocket Knife

While I normally wouldn’t really consider giving a knife as a gift, this is one knife that I’d make an exception for. Every guy seems to have a pocket knife, and it’s just so much more special if it’s from his lovely significant other. I find this to be a great gift because not only is a pocket knife useful for many things, but it can also be personalized with his initials or name to make it more special.


Personalized Metal Wallet Love Note

This is another thoughtful way I can let my boyfriend know how I feel about him at all times. It’s a metal note card with a sweet message that he can put in his wallet. It’s made out of metal that’s lightweight, but durable, and it won’t bend in his pocket. While the message isn’t changeable, it’s still an excellent gift option.


Monogrammed Wallet

I like this gift choice because it’s minimalistic, but still shows the love. This gift is an elegant wallet that can be engraved in neat calligraphy. It’s durable and has several slits for holding cards. Whether he’s been meaning to throw out his old one and needs a little push, or if I just want to give him more options, this is a great choice for a gift.


What I Love about You Journal

I think this gift can be both heartfelt and funny at the same time. I can fill this journal up with all the reasons I love my boyfriend. It’s really customizable to whatever I want to say, and I can sprinkle in little bits of humor and inside jokes here and there.


Food & Fun Valentines Day Gifts

Sriracha Key Chain

Speaking of travel, my boyfriend loves to vacation, so I want to send him prepared for any bland situation. This Sriracha key chain is perfect for taking the hot sauce he loves with him. It comes with a full bottle of Sriracha and two small key chain sized bottles, which are TSA friendly and secure.


Hot Sauce Gift Set

Like I said above, my boyfriend loves hot sauce. So, this hot sauce gift set is sure to make him smile. It comes with four unique hot sauce flavors to satiate any pallet. Unlike other sauces, these focus more on delicious tastes, rather than burn-your-tongue-off intensity.


Portable Table Tennis

I like to have a friendly competition with my boyfriend every now and then, and this portable table tennis set helps with that. It comes fully loaded with a net, balls, and paddles. Now I just need to get him onboard for a tournament and we’re set for a fun night-in. Pick one up here.


These are just a few of the gifts that I could think of off the top of my head, but all of them are affordable and your boyfriend is sure to love them.

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