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21 Classy Graduation Invitation Templates

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Graduation season is quickly approaching and if you or a one of your children is graduating this year there’s a good chance you’ll be sending out at least a few graduation announcements, grad party invites, or graduation invitations.

I absolutely love the graduation season. From making graduation leis to planning that perfect graduation party there’s so many fun things you can do to celebrate your grad.

Classy Graduation Invitation Templates

I’ve broken up these invitations into a few different categories so feel free to use the table of contents below to jump to the section you want to see the most.

As you'll see, all of the designs I've selected are available on Zazzle. This is my favorite place to shop for party invitations, baby announcements, and basically any other card you could send out. 

If you've never used their templates I've created a brief tutorial to walk you through the process. Just click the box below and the instructions will expand.

Quick Guide on Using Zazzle

My Favorite Grad Invite Templates

After sifting through hundreds of graduation invitation templates, these are my top 3 all time favorites.

1. 4 Photo Trendy Graduation Announcement - The back of this announcement includes 3 more pictures along with details about the party.

3. Refined | Photo Graduation Party Invitation - A simple invitation with all the details on the back.

Script Graduation Invite Templates

5. Graceful Script Editable Color Graduation Invite 

6. Photo Graduation Invitation | Graduate in Script - This is one of my favorite graduation templates. Its incredible simple and clean.

7. Elegant Gold Script 3 Photo Graduation Party Invitation - I love this 3 picture template showing them as a baby, a younger child, and then one of their grad pictures.

8. Black Elegant Script Graduation Announcement - The back of this invite show all the details about the graduation party along with where and when they are graduating.

Modern Style Grad Invitation Templates

10. Modern Graduation Party Invitation - A simple a straightforward card. The back of the card is blank, though you could easily add something if you wanted to convey more information.

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11. Clean & Modern 2 Photo Graduation Invitation - Includes a second photo on the back along with all of the grad party details.

12. Modern Minimalist 2 Photo Graduation Announcement - I may be a bit of a nerd but I really like the font used on this graduation invitation template.

Black and White Grad Invite Templates

Modern 6 Photo Script Graduation Invite - Black
by oddowl

15. Black White & Gold Script | Graduate Photo Party Invitation - The pop of gold script really makes this invitation stand out. If you have some black and white pictures to use this could definitely be a classy grad invitation.

No Picture Graduation Invitation Templates

17. Gold Cap Graduation Invitation - Another option if you'd rather forgo the picture on the invitation.

18. Modern Stripes Floral Gold Script Graduation Party Invitation - While I'm a huge fan of grad announcements that include a picture of the grad, this scripted grad template is another alternative when you weren't able to get pictures or you just want to mix it up a bit.

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