31+ Best High School Graduation Gifts for Girls

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Picking out that perfect high school graduation gift for a girl in your life is never easy. Whether she’s a daughter, niece, sister or girlfriend it can be tough to find just the right gift at just the right price.

To pull this list together I checked in with a sister and a few of her friends who recently graduated high school to see what they would have loved to receive for their high school graduation. Each of them had some great suggestions which I combined with some of my own wishes to put together this list of high school graduation gifts for girls.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a high school girl headed off to college, pursuing a trade, or jumping right into the workforce there’s a gift on this list they are bound to love.


Many college students use an iPad as their only computer or at least the one they use for taking notes in class. The iPad Pro in particular is a great option and has the power to do pretty much anything a student could need (including high power video editing).


Books are such a great high school graduation gift. There are nearly limitless options. You can give them one of your favorite reads or simply give them one you think they might like.

You can also through in some reading accessories like a good bookmark or reading light (<- that’s the one I’ve used for the last 2 years. It’s perfect.)

You’ll find a few of my favorite book recommendations below but you can also check out my list of the best books for high school graduates.

Classic Watch

A simple watch is a classic high school graduation gift. This one from MVMT is one of my favorites. It’s a simple design that will last for years. MVMT has many beautiful styles so be sure to check out this list of some of their women’s watches.

Of course you could give her an Apple Watch or other smart watch if you think she’d like that more.


If she’s gearing up for some traveling after graduation from high school then some new travel luggage is the perfect gift.

This 3-piece luggage set is a good option to give her everything she could need.

This hard sided 2-piece luggage set is also a great option.

The 5-Ingredient College Cookbook

Whether or not she’s headed off to college this cookbook is a fantastic high school graduation gift for girls.

It contains 100 delicious recipes that only use 5 ingredients. And each meal can be prepared in 30 minutes or less which is perfect for a time crunched college student.

This book also goes beyond recipes by giving the reader tips and tricks for working in the kitchen.

Compact Photo Printer

Kodak makes a couple of great small photo printers so she can print out her favorite pictures and decorate her apartment.

The Step Wireless Printer can print small 2×3 photos while the Kodak Dock Plus can print 4×6 photos. Both are compatible with iOS and Android as well as other Bluetooth devices.

Kate Spade Purse

A new purse to step off into whatever life holds next is always a great gift.

I’ve selected three cute options from Kate Spade including a crossbody for going out, a lovely satchel when she needs to carry a bit more, and cute medium sized tote.

Check out all the top rated Kate Spade purses currently available.

College Town Map

 If she’s headed off to college, a map of her college town can be a fun and thoughtful high school graduation gift for girls.

And not the Rand McNally kind (granted that isn’t a terrible idea). Look for an artful print like this one of San Diego. Etsy has many, many great options. 

Hydro Flask

I burned through my fair share of water bottles while in college, mostly because I’d set them down in class or the library and forget to pick it back up.

So giving them a nice water bottle that can keep drinks hot or cold is a fantastic gift. The Hydro Flask is one of my favorite brands and keeps whatever you put in it ice cold or piping hot.

Photo Album

Before she moves on to the next stage of life go pick up a photo album (this is the perfect travel size one)and fill it with pictures of family, friends, and experiences she’s had so far in life.

Sure, she could pull up Instagram or the photo reel on her phone when she’s feeling home sick but there’s just something different about flipping through actual images and reminiscing about loved ones and fond experiences.

College Gear

If they’re headed off to college you can celebrate by picking up a few select items specific to their college.

Think hats, sweats, jackets, etc. Yes, they may roll their eyes a little but they’ll still be excited.

Good Backpack

There’s a good chance she’s long overdue for an upgraded backpack if she’s heading off to college.

This simple laptop bag is an excellent option. It fits a 15.6 inch laptop, has a USB charging port and is waterproof. And most importantly, it has plenty of room for all her gear.

Of course if she’d rather carry a purse this laptop bag is exactly what you’re looking for. It also fits a 15.6 inch laptop and has plenty of room.Plus it’s available in over a dozen colors.

Weighted Blanket or Robe

If you’ve never slept with a weighted blanket you’re missing out.

These things are so comfortable and help me sleep significantly better.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit they aren’t for everyone but it’s definitely worth trying out. This is one of those items that’s a great high school graduation gift for girls because she probably won’t buy one for herself.

Passport Holder

If she’ll be spending some time traveling after leaving high school this could be a great gift to keep her passport safe amidst the travels.

Plus, most passport holders have space for cards, cash, and even a plane ticket if she needs it.

The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter

This is a fantastic read for a new high school grad and will really help her think about the next decade of her life.

I’m a huge fan of gifting books as you may know if you read my list of my favorite books for high school grads.

Tech Gifts for Her for High School Graduation

Apple Watch

I owned both an Apple Watch and the Fitbit Versa smart watch. I loved both of them.

If she really wants to watch fitness matrics I thing the Fitbit is the way to go.

However, if you think she’d prefer the convenience of being able to respond to texts and enjoy other apps on her watch the Apple Watch is the one to go with.

MacBook Air

If she is in need of a new computer a MacBook Air is a great option. It’s a powerful, portable machine that can handle just about any task she needs to do.

Plus it’s lightweight so it’s easy to carry around as she walks around campus and will fit in just about any tote or backpack.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are basically a must have in this day and age, especially if you’re headed off to college. And now, the price of these is significantly more affordable.

You could go with the high end Bose headphones which are always a great option, albeit more expensive.  Or select the AirPod pros.

There’s also the Wyze noise cancelling headphones which I’ve been using for about 6 months and are absolutely incredible for such a low price.

Portable Speaker

This portable JBL Flip Bluetooth speaker is probably the best one out there with for the price. It’s waterproof, sounds fantastic, and can go for 12 hours between charges.

It can also incorporate with voice assistants. But one of the coolest features is that it can link with other JBL Connect+ speakers so you can play music across a much larger space.

They also make a nice small portable speaker that sounds great too.

Echo Devices

Amazon makes so many good quality devices to choose from. The Echo or Echo dot are both nice little speakers around the apartment.

The Echo Show is also a nice little option if they want a screen. The new Echo Show 10 is a great size for watching Netflix.

Keurig Mini

Dorms and apartments can come tight in space. But with a Keurig Mini they can enjoy a hot cup of coffee without the bulky coffee machine.

At less than 5” wide this thing can fit anywhere. And it serves up 6-12 oz of coffee which is just the right amount to get a jump on her day.

Backup Battery Charger

Long days on campus often mean a low battery on your phone late at night as you head home.

And sometimes you just can’t find a free plug on campus to keep your phone charged through the day. In my opinion, a portable battery bank is a must have for just about every college student out there.

This one from Anker is the one to go with. It can charge an iPhone up to 5 times and can even keep an iPad charged for those times they need to take notes in class but forgot to plug it in the night before.


These are easily some of the most comfortable shoes out there. I wear mine everywhere.

They have several styles to choose from so you may want to consult the grad before you buy. If she’s a runner you may want to go with the Tree Dashers.

If she’d rather a general, wear anywhere shoe, the Tree Runners or Tree Skippers are great options. While your at it you can pick up a pair of these incredibly comfortable shoes for yourself too.

Prime Membership

Wherever she is headed an Amazon Prime membership will most certainly come in handy for those last minute items she needs. Plus having access to Prime video is a nice way to relax after a long day of school.

Photo Book

A personalized photo book filled with their favorite people is a fantastic graduation gift for girls. She’ll enjoy flipping through it whenever she’s missing family and it will likely stay with her for years.

There are quite a few services that make it easy to create them but Shutterfly is probably the most popular.

Finance Books

Regardless of what she’s going to do after graduating high school there’s one thing she’ll absolutely need to deal with and that’s managing her own finances. Even if family members will be helping them out, learning to manage money and overall financial literacy is an overlooked subject in high school (and college for that matter). So give her a leg up with a great finance book. Here are my three recommendations from my own experience:

  1. The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance
  2. The Money Club: A Teenage Guide to Financial Literacy
  3. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This is School

Car Emergency Kit

This is another one of those items she probably won’t buy for herself. But if she’ll be taking her car off to a new place this is a must have.

This kit is a good starting place and gives her the bare essentials she’ll likely need most often.

You could also go with this kit that has a bit more accessories to utilize.

Budget Friendly High School Graduation Gifts for Girls


This is easily one of the best gifts you could give them. Nothing helps someone learn and grow quite like writing down and reflecting on their own experiences in life.

I’ve found it to be both therapeutic and growth inducing as I discover new lessons from my everyday life.

There are tons of great options like Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project One Sentence Journal, the 100 Days of Believing Bigger journal, or simply a nice lined notebook for them to record things in.

Gift Cards

Next to cash, a gift card is probably one of the most coming high school graduation gifts for her. You can pick up a generic Visa gift card so she can use it anywhere.

Or go with a store gift card like Amazon or one of their other favorite stores. Just make sure you include a nice card with it to make it a more personal gift.


This is easily the best graduation gift for girls you can give. She’ll be able to pick up whatever she needs when she needs it.

If your looking to make cash a more personal gift, consider adding a thoughtful card with a handwritten message.

And not just the generic, “Congrats on graduating. Best of luck in college.” Share a more personal message about the person. This could a quality you’ve noticed in them or a fond memory you have with them. Just something that says, “you mean something to me.”

Personal Letter

I think this is an oft overlooked high school graduation gift for girls. It’s a gift that pairs well with a gift of cash or a gift card. Or you can give it as a gift of its own.

Not sure what to write?

You could include some advice about college or working professionally. Share some things you learned when you were their age. Alternatively, you could share some of your memories with her growing up.

This is one of my favorite gifts for high school graduation because it’s so unexpected and personal. 

Toblerone Bars

Sometimes the best grad gifts are the little things. Or in this case, 12 3.5 oz Toblerone bars.

If they’re a fan of chocolate then they’ll likely love this 12 pack of four different Toblerone flavors; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, and crunchy salted caramelized almond. They’ll be thinking of you with every bite of this tasty chocolate.

Start Investing

Help her get started with an investment account by giving the gift of an Acorns account. I’ve used this over the past 6 years and it’s one of my most recommended passive investing tools.

It’s easy to set up and allows someone to save money while barely recognizing it’s gone. You can give them a gift card that will allow them to start investing and benefiting from long term growth.

Candy Lei

Finished Graduation Lei

If you’re looking for a fun gift to give at the graduation ceremony a diy candy lei is just what you need (tutorial at that link).

They are quick and easy to make and a fun way to celebrate high school graduation. Of course if you’re looking for an extra special graduation lei you could purchase a floral lei.






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