Delightful Valentine’s Day Care Package Ideas for College Students

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As a college student, I always looked forward to care packages my mom would send out. Valentine’s Day was one care package, in particular, that was always fun.

She’d stuff it with treats, a nice note and a few other fun items she knew I’d like. If you’re debating sending out a care package or your homesick college student for Valentine’s Day I definitely recommend it. Not sure what to include? This little guide should help.

Valentine's Day Care Package Ideas for College Students

DIY College Valentine’s Day Care Package

I definitely recommend building your own Valentine’s Day care package over buying one. Your son or daughter is sure to enjoy the personal touch and you’ll have fun putting it together too.

Decorating the Care Package

One perk of building your own is getting creative with the decor inside the box. Below is are a couple of examples but you can check out this huge list I put together of inspiring care packages for Valentines Day.

Valentines day care packages for when you're separated from a loved one.
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If you don’t feel like busting out your crafting supplies you can always order one of these low price sticker packs from Paper Paisley on Etsy.

You can of course also include fun “decor” in the package like confetti hearts. My mom did this one year and I was cleaning those things up for weeks.

What to Include in Your Vday Care Package

Obviously, you’ll want to tailor the care package to what your child is interested in but hopefully, this list will help you brainstorm some ideas.

At the top of the list is, of course, some type of note or message to convey your love. I’m a big believer in always letting others know how much you love them. My mom always included notes that expressed her love but also built me up. Reminding me of the special gifts and talents I had and encouragement to use them to help other people.

If writing isn’t your thing you could record a video for them and upload it as a private video on YouTube (that way only a person with the link can view it). Then just write down the YouTube URL on a piece of paper and include it in the package. It’s another fun way to send something personal for them.

At the top of the list is sweets of course. It is Valentine’s Day after all. I recommend some of their favorite candy bars or something homemade (My mom sent homemade cookies once, my roommates ate ALL of them). Of course, if it’s not something that will travel well don’t send that. Instead, you could send all of the ingredients along with the recipe.

Next up I recommend include a few other favorite food items. Whether it’s their favorite protein bar or a few Mama Chia drinks (which is what we send my sister) pick out a couple things they like but may not always buy for themselves if money is tight.

Lastly, I recommend sending them something small they’ll enjoy. Maybe it’s a gift card for a movie, or a small lego set or desk toy. Maybe it’s a coloring book or some new nail polish. Just something simple that will bring a smile to their face and help them deal with the stress of school and college life. My mom would also often include a book since I’m always reading. Here are a few other fun ideas:

Buying a College Valentine’s Day Care Package

Sometimes your time is short and you just need to get something in the mail to them asap. Fortunately, there are tons of awesome options for purchasing a care package. If you still want to give a personal touch to it, you can always hand select items on Amazon and ship them all together to them.

This can be a little more costly but once you factor in shipping it really isn’t much different then putting together a care package at home.

If you’d rather purchase a care package that’s already finished and ready to go there are lots of great options.

Pre Packaged Care Packages

Somewhat surprisingly, Amazon actually has a rather large selection of care packages that are perfect for college students. These care packages are mostly just food but I don’t know many college students who would complain about that.

Cookies, Chips, and Sweets Care Package

This care package is basically just a bunch of junk food. So if that’s what your child loves then this is the perfect care package. And it’s rather cheap on Amazon so in just a couple of click you can have it headed their way.

Healthy Snacks Care Package

If they are more interested in healthy foods this care package might be just what you need. Granted, I’m using the phrase healthy generously here. This simple care package is stuffed with foods that aren’t quite so bad for them as the other care package.



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