How to Make a Werthers Candy Lei

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How to make a graduation lei our of Werthers

Werthers are one of my favorite candies so needless to say a Werthers candy lei is a must. I also think these leis look awesome with their gold packaging and perfect as a graduation lei. If you are looking to make a candy lei with money attached this is an excellent option. I’ll add a post later on showing how to add money to any candy lei so look forward to that. Well let’s dig in to this tutorial and show you how to make a Werthers lei of your own.


Materials for a Werthers candy lei

What you’ll need:

•Ribbon: You can use fabric ribbon if you’d like however if you want to curl the ribbon then you’ll need to use curling ribbon.

•Scissors: You’ll need this to curl the ribbon.

•Candy: This tutorial is specific to Werthers however you could also use Tootsie Rolls, Taffy, or any other candy that is rolled in a rapper.

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STEP 2: Lay out Candies in a row

Lay out werthers candies for your lei

To make this lei 36-40 inches you’ll need about 23 to 28 Werthers candies. If you are using a different type candy you may want to measure out the lei as you go to get the right length.

STEP 3: Cut the ribbon

Cut the ribbon for the werthers lei

Cut the ribbon so that each piece is 9 inches long. This will give you plenty of room to double knot each one and curl the ribbon.

STEP 4: Tie the candy

Tiw werthers candies together to form your lei

This part can be a little tricky. Lay the wrapper ends over the top of one another and tie  them together with the ribbon. I recommend double knotting each one to make sure they stay together.

STEP 5: tie the ends together

Tie the ends of your werthers lei together

Once your lei has reached the length you’d like it to be, tie the two ends together.

STEP 6: Curl the ribbon

Werthers candy lei

The last step is to curl all of the ribbon. This is where you’ll need those scissors again. Open the scissors and place one blade close to the knot. Place your thumb over the ribbon and put pressure on the ribbon. Pull the scissors away from the knot at an angle and the ribbon will curl.

Finished werthers candy lei

If you’ve never curled a ribbon before you may want to practice on another piece of ribbon not attached to your lei. Too much pressure on the ribbon can cut the lei.

Once you’ve finished curling the ribbon your lei is done! It should look something like the image above. Congrats on finishing your lei. Now go find someone to give it to!

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  1. Cheryl Avatar

    You can also curl the ribbon before you tie it.

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