How to Make a Starburst Candy Lei

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Give your grad a truly unique graduation lei with this one of a kind starburst lei.

Starburst are absolutely delicious. Definitely among my top 5 favorite candies. One thing I love about Starburst Lei’s is that you can mix up the pattern to make it your own.

In the tutorial below I grouped mine by two’s but feel free to get creative. Group them by three’s, four’s, five’s, or make one long string of Starbursts and tie it at the end. Just make it your own.

Watch the video below or keep on scrolling to see step by step pictures.

Step 1: Materials for Starburst Lei

Materials needed for a starburst candy lei

You only need three things to make this lei:

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Step 2: Roll Out Saran Wrap

Saran wrap for a starburst candy lei

The cellophane wrap I’m using is 22 inches in length so I will be using two strips of cellophane wrap to make a lei that’s about 40 inches in diameter.

You can use saran wrap instead but I’ve found that cellophane is easier to work with. Cut your cellophane to be about 5 inches wide leaving you with a piece that’s 22″ by 5″.

Step 3: Lay Out Starbursts and Roll Up

Starburst candy lei roll up

Lay out your Starbursts in a row, grouping by two’s. Leave about an inch in between each group to leave room to tie your ribbon.

Make sure the row is towards the bottom of the cellophane leaving just enough room to fold over the cellophane.

After you’ve folded the cellophane over the Starbursts grab the groups of Starbursts on either end and roll the entire thing up until you’ve used up all the cellophane.

Step 4: Tie The Ribbon Around the Cellophane

Cut your ribbon to be about 9 inches in length. This will give you plenty of length to tie a not and curl the ribbon.

Slide each strip of ribbon under the cellophane in the space you’ve left between each group of Starbursts. Tie a simple knot to hold the cellophane together.

Step 5: Curl the Ribbon

The next step is to curl the ribbon using your scissors. If you’ve never curled ribbon check out the video at the beginning of the post to learn how.

Step 6: Repeat Steps 2-5 to make the other half of your Starburst Lei

Step 7: Connect the Two halves

Connect two halves of the starburst lei

The other upside of using cellophane is when it comes to connecting the two halves. Simply squish one end of the cellophane and slide it inside the other half of the cellophane.

Then tie a square knot here so that the two ends don’t come apart. It’s important that these two knots are tied tight so that the lei doesn’t break apart.

The last thing to do is curl the last two strips of ribbon you just tied.

Completed starburst candy lei

Now you’ve completed your delicious Starburst Lei. The last thing you need to do is give your lei away to someone special in your life!

If you run into any snags or need help just let me know in the comments below.

How to make a graduation lei out of starbursts

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3 responses to “How to Make a Starburst Candy Lei”

  1. Shawneka Thomas Avatar
    Shawneka Thomas

    I am having a problem on step 7…could u show a visual on why a square know is? I want to make sure I connect the two ends correctly

    1. Brian Brassaw Avatar
      Brian Brassaw

      Hi Shawneka,

      This video is a quick little tutorial on how to tie a square knot.


  2. C.Willson Avatar

    If I want/need to make about 500 approximately how much cellophane and ribbon will I need?

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