60+ Inspiring Bullet Journal Collection Ideas for College Students

By Emily •  Updated: 02/10/23 •  4 min read

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When you first start using a bullet journal the entire idea of collections can take some getting used to. I was accustomed to a more rigid system. But with bullet journal collections you can adjust it to meet your unique needs. There are so many cool collection ideas out there so I put together this huge list, though I’m sure there are more.

Productivity Collections

The thing I love about bullet journals is how much more productive I’ve become with them. Seriously, I’ve learned to manage my time so much more effectively since I started using a bullet journal. It has made it easier to keep track of class assignments, work schedules, and even setting aside downtime for me to rest. Here are a few collection ideas I’ve used:

Personal Bullet Journal Collections

At this point, I’ve used every single one of these collection ideas in my bullet journals at least once. The habit tracker and shopping list are probably the most consistently used.

Health Collection Ideas

These types of collections have been huge for me. I always considered myself a fairly healthy eater but until I started keeping a food diary, I didn’t realize how much little snacking I was doing throughout the day. If weight loss is one of your goals I definitely recommend adding a weight log or a food diary collection to your journal.

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Household Collections

If your house is feeling a bit chaotic one of these collections can be great tools to help you reign things in. While my home repairs/project list is ever growing, it is incredibly satisfying to see how much I have accomplished on that list.

Favorites/Compilation Lists

These collections are always fun to compile when I want to let my mind wander. Or when I stumble across something new that I want to remember for later.

Financial Collections

Struggle to keep your money in the bank? One of these collection ideas may help you out with that. Keeping a record of my daily expenses definitely helped me reign in my spending a bit.


I keep a log of all the places I’ve traveled to. The list is short but it’s been growing every year which is fun to see. While I’m traveling I also like to add a little trip journal to my bullet journal to remember the people I meet and the fun things we did.


I haven’t really used much here but my sister has a collection of funny things her kids say. It’s hysterical to read through. I’ll definitely be doing that when I have kids of my own. I also really like the idea of keeping a list of family game night ideas. Seems like a great way to always have a go-to list of the families favorite games.

What other bullet journal collections have you found helpful?