Our Story

Welcome to The Candy Lei!

Talofa, Aloha, Malo, and hello! I am Tali, and I am here to make your every visit to The Candy Lei insightful and inspiring! 

I grew up making candy leis with my family. We’d give them out to friends for graduations, birthdays, and every other celebration we could think of. And we’d always give people enough candy leis to come up to their chins.

My brother and I created this blog because we want to share our knowledge of candy lei making. And with your consistency, you will be making your own leis, too!

I love candy, photography, trying new things, and more candy, so this blog is the perfect project for me.

Each week I try to share unique insights on a lei-centered culture and stretch myself a little more to come up with a new candy lei tutorial. Keep coming back and you’ll see what I’ve come up with! 

Take a chance and sign up to get a first glance at the newest lei tutorials each week. I would love to have you on board!