College Care Packages

College care packages

When your college student is hundreds or even thousands of miles away it can feel hard to stay connected. College care packages are the perfect way to let them know you’re thinking of them while also getting them a few of their favorite treats. We’ve sifted through the many options out there and found the most popular care packages among college students. Whether your college student needs to win points with their roommates or loves spending time in the gym, there’s a care package perfect for them.


The Cravebox is the perfect treat pack for the far away college student. Made up of 30 items, the Cravebox will give them a much needed break from their midterm studies. The Cravebox is the ultimate junk food box at a reasonable price.

Snack Naturally

We all know a healthy diet isn’t always a high priority for most college students. If you want to send over a gentle nudge to remind them to eat smart this is the perfect box. Made up of 20 items this box is a bit smaller than the others bat packed with delicious nutricious snacks.

Hangry Kit

This is one box that should really just be a subscription. It’s just the right amount of junk food and snacks that can be tossed in a backpack or purse whenever your on the go. It’s made up of 40 different items. 

Breakfast Box

Even though it’s arguably the most important meal of the day, many college students pass on breakfast in favor of a few extra minutes under the covers. Help your college student get something in their belly with this breakfast box full of grab-n-go ready foods.

Fitness box

If your college student relies on their daily gym time to recharge their batteries this is the perfect gift box for them. Full of high protein and non-GMO bars this snack pack will have them calling home a bit more often.

The Big box

If you’re really looking to send your college student the ultimate care package this is it. Made up of 100 different snacks this will make your student the most popular one in the dorm. All indiviual packaged items, these are sure to be found stuffed in your students backpack for in between class snacking.