Cut out 20 to 30 paper bats to use as Halloween decor

Halloween Decor: Paper Bat Craft

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Halloween Craft: Decorating with Paper bats

Shortly after getting married and moving into our first apartment together, my wife and I decided to decorate for Halloween. Our budget was slim so we made a few simple crafts to decorate with. Every year since then we’ve found a place for these simple paper bats.

Taking just a few minutes and a handful of papers, this craft can be done in no time. Just swing by any craft or general purpose store and pickup some black paper. Then simply cut out the bats in a variety of shapes. If you’re the kind of person who needs a template here’s a bunch of options. Just print on of those out and trace it on your paper.

Paper Bat Supplies

Here’s all you’ll need:

Use black paper to make your paper bats

How to Make Your Halloween Paper Bats

To make these symmetrical we just folded the black paper in half and cut out half a bat. Depending on the size of your paper and bats you should be able to get 3-4 bats out of each sheet. I usually cut out about 20ish bats.

Cut out 20 to 30 paper bats to use as Halloween decor

Then using some masking tape we tape the bats to the wall. This year we had them flying out of our chimney but they can really go anywhere.

Use masking tape to attach your paper bats to the wall.

If you want your bats to stick to the ceiling you may need to use stronger tape. We’ve tried it in the past but after a day or two the tape often gives out. You can also use black thumbtacks to get them to stick to the ceiling.

And there you have it, probably one of the easiest Halloween decor crafts out there.

decorate for halloween with these easy to make paper bats

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