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31+ Pretty Pink Shoes for Graduation

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Graduation is an exciting and somewhat nerve racking time in life as you leave college.

You won’t miss the exams, research papers, and their associated all-nighters, but leaving your second home and friends you’ve been with over the past few years is bittersweet. 

Once you step off stage after receiving your diploma, it marks the end of your college life and the beginning of a new journey. And of course, you want to wear something special for this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Many of you already have the perfect outfit to wear on your graduation day, and now you’re wondering what graduation shoes would best match your outfit. I know that you want to make sure you’ll look and feel your best during this exciting moment, so we’ll be sharing with you some perfect pink shoes for graduation.

Pink Heels for Graduation

Looking for that perfect pair of pink heels? Take a look at a few of my favorites. 

Heels are the classic graduation shoe of choice and these ones do not disappoint. 

If you’re thinking of wearing a pink dress, these pink heels are a perfect match for your graduation outfit!

Pink Flats for Graduation

Flats are another great option to wear to graduation. I've selected a few of my favorite styles including ballet flats, pointed toe flats, and lace up flats.

Personally I'm a fan of flats with an ankle strap as it seems to bring a bit more of an elegant look. 

Whatever style you prefer I'm sure there's one below you'll like.

Pink Wedges

These pink wedges are bound to be a head-turner. Unlike the classic heels that you often see, these pink shoes for graduation will make you stand out from the crowd.

Wedges are very comfortable and easy to walk in. So before taking the step towards the next chapter of your life, make sure you’re at your very best with these pink wedges.

Pink Sandals for Graduation

Since most graduation ceremonies take place in May, you want to wear something seasonally appropriate — chic and stylish sandals are perfect for this!

Sandals have been very in style and are a great statement to add to any outfit. With its thick straps that give a little bit of flare, sandals are a must-have in your closet and on graduation day.

Remember you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, so these pink sandals are the way to go.

Pink Boots

If you’re interested in going bold on your graduation day try out one of these cute pink boots. You’ll definitely make a statement in these against the sea of black or blue gowns.

Here are my favorite pink boots that will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Pink Sneakers

Your cap and gown will look the same as everyone else’s, so you want to choose a style that will make you a bit different. So, why not wear sneakers?

Check out all of these perfectly pink sneakers to wear to your graduation ceremony.

Hopefully this list helped you find just the right blue shoes for graduation, or at least helped you narrow down your options and what you're looking for in a shoe for the ceremony.

Looking for more shoe ideas? Check out these lovely blue shoes for graduation.

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