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Dorm Living or Off Campus Housing: Which is Right for You?

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Once you’ve been accepted to a school you face the next big question. Should I live in the dorms or somewhere off campus?

For me this decision was made for me. All freshmen were required to live in the dorms except under certain situations such as living at home/with a family member while going to school.

Should you livein he dorms or in off campus housing? This guide will help you decide.

Fortunately dorm costs were actually cheaper than many of the off campus housing options so it didn’t hurt the wallet too much.

If your attending a school that doesn’t have this type of requirement, this can be a rather difficult decision.

There are so many things to consider and every school is a little different. The infographic below shares a lot of great insight along with questions to ask yourself as you try to figure out what is best for you.

Before you dive into that though, I do have one quick tip to share.

If you don’t know anyone who attended the school you’ll be going to, try calling up the housing office. For most colleges the person answering the phone will be a student. Explain to them that your trying to decide if you should live on or off campus and ask them if they have any insight they could share.

While this may be way outside your comfort zone I strongly recommend you do it. These students will generally know more about housing and are actually living through their college experience so they should have lots to share.

Check out the infographic below for more tips to help you make this important decision.


Benefits of Living Off-Campus During College

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