Awesome Elementary School Lunch Boxes Your Kid Will Love

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Lunch boxes are one of those things kids can show off in elementary school. From superheroes to their latest YouTube favorites there are so many options. Not to mention the fact that they’re made to keep the food inside fresh and cool, or hot if that’s what you need. (Turkey sandwiches were the worst as a kid because they’d get so hot and nasty in my lunchbox as a kid).

We’ve dug through some of our favorite sites and found a few lunchboxes we’re sure your kid is bound to love showing of to their friends.

Themed Lunch Boxes

Jinx Minecraft Lunch Box

If your kid is Minecraft obsessed like many I know this is the perfect lunchbox for them. While it is a soft sided lunch box it does provide good insulation for keeping food cool.

Pokeball Lunch Box

If Pokemon is more their flavor then this just might be their dream lunchbox. This hard shell pokeball will keep their lunch free from getting squished while also letting them show off to their friends.

Superhero Lunch Boxes

There are tons of awesome superhero lunch boxes out there so we picked out a few of our favorites. But our top pick is this Lego Batman one. I mean Lego’s and superheros are really one of the best combinations out there so you really can’t go wrong here.

Here’s a few others that we really like.

Skip Hop Zoo Lunch Boxes

There’s a very good chance my daughter will be rolling into school with one of these adorable lunch boxes. Choosing just one seems nearly impossible but this Unicorn one is too cute. It’s a simple lunch bag with a large main compartment for their food and a mesh pocket inside to utensils. They also have matching backpacks and water bottles if you’d like to go with a complete matching set. You can check out all of the available options here.

Simple Lunch Boxes

Rubbermaid Lunch Bag

This is an awesome lunch bug when you combine it with the hard, Rubbermaid LunchBox food containers which include an ice pack. It’s durable so it will handle all the throwing and dragging your kid is probably going to put it through. With the added LunchBox containers you can keep the food cool and safe from getting crushed when they inevitably step on it or shove it in their backpack.

Fit & Fresh Lunch Bag

If you’re looking for a basic patterned lunch bag for your child this option from Fit & Fresh is excellent. Made from a PEVA lined interior that’s PVC free, it’s easy to clean for when something inevitably spills inside the bag. There are seven different cute patterns to choose from at the time of publishing.

Wildkin Two Compartment Lunch Bag

This Wildkin lunch bag is easily one of my favorite lunch bag options. The lower compartment holds the included microwave and dishwasher safe plastic container to prevent sandwiches from getting squished while the top compartment can hold the foods less prone to damage. This lunch bag is a little on the large size so it may not fit inside of a backpack. It’s available in a bunch of colors and patterns so there’s bound to be one your child will like.

Fit & Fresh Bento Box Lunch Box

If you’d prefer a hard sided lunch box a bento box is a great option. While any don’t come with a carrying case with a handle, this version made by Fit & Fresh includes a fabric carrying case for easier transportation. The plastic bento box sits inside with three different compartments to store food.Check out all of the available colors to find one your kid is sure to love.

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