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21 Elegant and Simple Graduation Announcement Templates

With graduation season just around the corner now is the time to start preparing your graduation announcements (and make some sweet graduation leis).  Graduation announcements are a simple way to let people know what you’ve achieved. Whether it’s graduating high school, college, nursing school, or a trade or vocational program, a graduation ceremony is something to […]

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21 Classy Graduation Invitation Templates

Graduation season is quickly approaching and if you or a one of your children is graduating this year there’s a good chance you’ll be sending out at least a few graduation announcements, grad party invites, or graduation invitations. I absolutely love the graduation season. From making graduation leis to planning that perfect graduation party there’s so […]

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10 Best Books for High School Graduates

The teacher conferences and the lunch-making are now over.

But now comes the worrying, and the impulse to call your child every 10 minutes. It’s hard to decide what final advice to give children before they leave.

These books for high school grads make for great parting knowledge to pass on before they go off on their own. 

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What to Wear for a College Graduation

Spring is here which means college graduation is just around the corner. And with that important day comes the ever important question, what exactly should I wear to graduation.It’s a question asked by not only the graduate but by family members and friends alike. While graduation typically isn’t an incredibly formal affair, it is an […]

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40 Perfect Spring Break Swimsuits to Rock in 2019

I’ve dug through the web and found some of my absolutely favorite Spring Break swimsuits. As a college student I always looked forward to Spring Break. It was so nice to escape from the dreadful winter semester and get away from school and enjoy a little warmer weather. Maybe my favorite part of prepping for spring break […]

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20 Homesick Care Package Ideas

Sending your far away loved one homesick care packages when they’re having a hard time can truly brighten their day. In this post we’ll help you figure out what to put in your college care package and share some suggestions for including care package notes for college students. There are even some care package ideas for […]

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