Month: August 2016

23 Gorgeous Pictures of Samoa

When I was about 13 my family took a trip to Samoa. We spent two and a half weeks there. It was absolutely incredible. 

It’s a gorgeous place that, unlike many beautiful islands, hasn’t been overrun by tourists. 

We visited a black sand beach that was completely empty. We stood right next to the massive Alofaaga Blowholes as they spewed water everywhere. And we slept in a fale just feet from the water.

9 Pinterest Boards to Follow when Planning Your Hawaiian Vacation

Planning a trip to any of the Hawaiian islands can feel a bit overwhelming when your going for the first time.

There are so many incredible places to see on every island.

Our family went just over a year ago and it was absolutely incredible. We made the mistake of doing almost no planning before the trip. We woke up the first morning and stared at a few books while we tried to figure out what to do.